Northern Territory GiovernmentDefence of Darwin Experience

Activities - Upper Primary

Each activity includes an Activity worksheet (pdf and word versions) and Educational Outcomes to assist teachers in developing the activity.

Investigative Inquiry: Why was Darwin bombed? The strategic role of Darwin in the defence of Australia

Note - this Activity includes three sections of which each can be developed as a separate activity.  The three sections are:

  • What was happening in Darwin in the lead up to World War II?
  • What was Darwin like before World War II?
  • What does the timeline of the Japanese expansion tell us about Japanese military strategy?

A Projective Investigation: Darwin's Coastal Defences

A Projective Investigation: Darwin's Air Defences

Investigative Inquiry: Bombing of Darwin

Investigative Inquiry: What was Australia's response to and after the bombing of Darwin?

A Darwin and World War II Word Search

A day in the life of a serviceman

Letters in wartime

Researching history interviews

Sequencing historical events

Then and Now: Darwin city streetscapes

What can war memorials/monuments tell us?

What's in a name?

World War II Crossword Puzzle

World War II Objects